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"Reporters Without Borders is deeply shocked to learn of the death two days ago of the netizen Sattar Beheshti, six days after he was arrested and taken into custody in Tehran. His family learned of the tragic news in a message to his mother asking her to collect the body the next day. Beheshti was believed to have died under torture while he was being interrogated.
Reporters Without Borders urges the Iranian authorities to clarify the exact circumstances of the netizen’s death and calls on the international community not to allow this crime to go unpunished.
“The Tehran government is an egregious example of the triumph of impunity,” the press freedom organization said. “Up to now, no-one responsible for the deaths in detention of any journalists or netizens has been brought to justice.
“We ask that the special UN rapporteur on human rights in Iran, Ahmed Shaheed, be allowed to enter Iran to conduct an independent investigation into this death and other similar cases."

Jailed netizen Sattar Beheshti dies after prison interrogation - Reporters Without Borders

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"The wave of Tibetan self-immolation protests against Chinese rule may have entered a new phase following a record number of burnings last week.
The failure to contain the fiery protests, experts say, poses a major challenge to Beijing, which has tried a combination of strategies to douse the Tibetan campaign - from offering cash rewards to Tibetans to tip off potential burnings to tightening security clampdowns on monasteries.
There were seven self-immolations from October 20 to Saturday, making it the deadliest week of burnings since the fiery protests intensified in March last year against Beijing’s rule in the Tibet
Autonomous Region and Tibetan-populated areas in Chinese provinces.
Two burnings per day were reported twice in the previous week - another record - as the number of self-immolations which began in February 2009 rose to 62.
The protests are continuing despite calls to end them by a special meeting of Tibetan exile groups convened on the advice of Tibet’s spiritual leader the Dalai Lama in India’s hill town of Dharamsala, where he lives in exile."

China powerless to prevent rising tide of Tibetan self-immolationsTibetan burnings reach new level

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+ (via Twitter / TsampaRevolt: #BREAKING NOW #Media coverage …) #tibet #freetibet

(via Twitter / TsampaRevolt: #BREAKING NOW #Media coverage …) #tibet #freetibet

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"Since February 2009, 69 Tibetans inside Tibet set fire to themselves. All those Tibetans have demanded the restoration of freedom in Tibet and the return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to his homeland."

The Tibet Bureau - Geneva

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+ (via Tibet, Freetibet, Rebkong, China, Dalailama, Mobile, Tibetans, China, Ccp, Chinese, Rebkong Tibet)

(via Tibet, Freetibet, Rebkong, China, Dalailama, Mobile, Tibetans, China, Ccp, Chinese, Rebkong Tibet)

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More than 2,000 members of China’s Community Party are gathering in Beijing over the next several days to begin the once-a-decade leadership transition. Vice President Xi Jinping is predicted to succeed party secretary Hu Jintao, in what the Chinese hope will be a powerful historic moment on…

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The small town of Tremseh has suffered what may be the single worst atrocity of the Syrian uprising, say eyewitnesses

A video still said to be of a funeral for victims of the assault on the town of Tremseh. Photograph: AP

Residents of the battered Syrian town of Tremseh…

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Huge Anti-governmental March during F1 in Bahrain - YouTube

   _  _  ________        __________        .__                  .__
__| || |_\_____  \ ______\______   \_____  |  |______________  |__| ____
\   __   //   |   \____ \|    |  _/\__  \ |  |  \_  __ \__  \ |  |/&nbs p;   \
 |  ||  |/    |    \  |_> >    |   \ / __ \|   Y  \  | \// __ \|  |& nbsp;  |  \
/_  ~~  _\_______  /   __/|______  /(____  /___|  /__|  (____  /__|___|  /
  |_||_|         \/|__|         \/      \/     \/       & nbsp;   \/        \/

Greetings from Anonymous

For over one year the people of Bahrain have struggled against the oppressive regime of King Hamad bin Al Khalifa. They have been murdered in the streets, run over with vehicles, beaten, tortured, tear gassed, kidnapped by police, had their businesses vandalised by police, and have tear gas thrown in to their homes on a nightly basis.

Still the regmine persists to deny any meaningful reform and continues to use brutal and violent tactics to oppress the popular calls for reformation. Not only is the Human Rights situation in Bahrain tragic, it becomes more drastic with each passing day. For these reasons the F1 Grand Prix in Bahrain should be strongly opposed. The Al Khalifa regime stands to profit heavily off the race and has promised to use live ammunition against protestors in preparation. They have already begun issuing collective punishment to entire villages for protests and have promised further retribution “to keep order” for the F1 events in Bahrain. The Formula 1 racing authority was well-aware of the Human Rights situation in Bahrain and still chose to contribute to the regime’s oppression of civilians and will be punished.

We demand the immediate release of human rights worker Abdulhadi Alkhawaja who has spent over 70 days on hunger strike. He has committed no crimes and is being punished by the regime for advocating people’s basic human rights. Free him and all other political prisoners in Bahrain. End torture. Deport all mercenary police and stop the use of tear gas against civilians.

We Do Not Forgive. We Do Not Forget. Expect Us.

0x0 was and still is here. Join #OpBahrain