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Finally we have a news report on Rastan, from Al Jazeera English. #Syria #Rastan

Egypt police raid Al Jazeera office as sense of crisis grows | McClatchy

CAIRO — Security police raided the Egyptian offices of the Al Jazeera news channel Sunday and detained a member of its technical staff in the first move of its kind against a foreign news organization since the ruling military council declared a state of emergency in the wake of the storming of the Israeli embassy here.

Egypt’s ruling military council later announced that the emergency decree would be expanded to allow prosecution for the “spreading or broadcasting of any false news, information or rumors.”

Latest developments in Syria - Al Jazeera English
URGENT: “thousands” arrested in #Latakia, stripped of IDs & herded into stadium (aje) #telecomix #emcom #syria

Sources tell Al Jazeera: Thousands evacuated their homes in Latakia based on the instructions of the army earlier today. They fled from the besieged neighbourhoods to the heart of the city. They were arrested there and taken in buses to the sports city stadium. They were stripped of their IDs and are held in the stadium until now.

Egyptians rally for ‘civil state’ - Middle East - Al Jazeera English
In Syria, the government is the real rebel - Opinion - Al Jazeera English
Mass protests have roiled Hama, where Bashar Assad’s father Hafez crushed an Islamist uprising in 1982, killing more than 20,000 [REUTERS]

There have been many setbacks during the “Arab Spring”. None, however, are more flagrantly obvious than in Syria. This leads to one question across the Middle East: Who is the rebel?

The protesters who peacefully demand civil, political and economic rights from monarchical republics and deligitimised ruling elites? Or the states which, such as in Libya and Syria, find themselves literally in a “state of nature”, rendering life for the citizen dangerous?

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English Speakers to Help The Syrian Revolution

ALJAZEERA CONTINUES TO PLAY THE RACE CARD despite the disclaimer of Syrian Observatory for Human Rights for the original statement attributed to Mr Abdulrahman, despite having their error pointed out to them several times. One wonders who/what their loyalties and motives are for wishing to pursue this theme with no basis in fact or evidence.

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More video of the bloody crackdown on protesters in Syria has surfaced. Al Jazeera received exclusive pictures from sources inside Syria, which appear to illustrate the suffering and torture at the hands of Syrian security forces.

The amateur footage was sent from the village of Jeeza, and shows the funeral of 15-year-old Thamer Mohamad Sahri, who was arrested on April 29 during an anti-government protests, following a crackdown in the town of Deraa.

The boy’s body appears to be riddled with bullets. He is missing an eye, several teeth, and according to Al Jazeera’s source has a broken neck and leg.

Thamer was arrested along with his friend, 13-year-old Hamza al-Khateeb - the teenager whose brutal death caused much of the world to pay closer attention to the events in Syria. Al-Khateeb’s body was also mutilated.

Video will be posted here soon…

Syria Live Blog | Al Jazeera Blogs

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Lebanese protesters in the Bab al-Tabbaneh neighbourhood of Tripoli, northern Lebanon, demonstrate in solidarity with Syria’s protestors and to demand the release of Syrian refugees they say are being held by the Lebanese army [REUTERS]

Activists say hundreds have been killed by security forces. We bring you the latest news from various sources.

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Syria Spotlight - Free Dorothy Parvaz - Timeline: Bashar al-Assad in power

Security forces opened fire on a funeral procession of some 50,000 mourners today in the northern city of Maarat an-Numan, an eyewitness told Al Jazeera.

“Security forces killed a young protester yesterday, and during his funeral today at around 2pm, the security men opened fire on us from the buildings of the Security branch and Post Office,” he said. 

“We were shouting against the regime and calling for democracy and freedom. We were shouting the Takbeer [God is greatest] and maybe for this reason they got angry and shot at us.”

The source said protesters planned to block the road between Hama and Aleppo in order to try and ease pressure on Hama, where some reports by activists on Twitter say tanks have begun massing.

A Kurdish political leader has confirmed that representatives of 12 of Syria’s outlawed Kurdish parties have accepted an invitation to meet with President Assad in the coming days.

"We are preparing our plan for a solution to the country’s crisis,” said the Kurdish political leader. “We are holding meetings with each other and our members to come up with one united vision for a solution. We are going to ask for national demands, not Kurdish local demands.”

Activists and reporters in Syria say that yesterday’s protests against President Assad’s regime were the largest since the uprising began three months ago.

Protests took place in four neighbourhoods of Damascus: Medan, Rukin Adeen, Qaboun and Barzah.

In the towns around Damascus, protests took place in Duma, Harsta, Daria, Al-Tal, Maddaya , Zabadani, Gdeidah Artouz and Hajjar al-Aswad. 

In Aleppo, Syria’s largest city, there were two demonstrations near the Amnah Mosque and on Nile Street, as well as two larger protests in A’zaz and Mara’a in Aleppo governorate.

At the other end of the county, in the far south, large protests took place in Deraa, where the uprising began, and in surrounding towns of Akhel, Na’amah and Tabiah.

In the far eastern governorate of Deir Ezzour, there were protests in the city itself, as well as in Miadeen, Al Boukamal and Ishara’a, near the Iraqi border.

"I can say now there are no posters and statues of the Assad family in Deir Ezzour. The protesters burnt all the Baath party branches,” said Fatah, 28, a pro-democracy activist from Deir Ezzour.

Combined with protests by up to 100,000 in Hama and its surrounding villages and up to 100,000 who took to the streets in Maarat an-Numan, a city further north - as well as protests in Lattakia, Homs and Rastan - Friday’s demonstrations likely involved at least 300,000 people, the largest protests since the Syrian uprising began in mid-March.

Dorothy Parvaz: Inside Syria’s secret prisons - Opinion - Al Jazeera English

"“Syrian youth, many having nothing to do with protests, some having something to do with the protests, being hauled in almost arbitrarily off the streets and being held in captivity with no rights, no way of contacting their families, some being beaten severely…the beatings I’ve heard almost around the clock were savage.”

Schoolgirls targeted in Bahrain raids.
Schoolgirls targeted in Bahrain raids.