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15/02/12 Third Flash Mob For Syria - Chicago #Syria

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  1. MASAYFRAH: DARAA: We are finally able to release a report from the Regime attack on Saturday and Sunday which shows the lengths the Regime will go to in the smaller towns to obliterate the rebels, civilians and Free Syrian Army.

    The military campaign led by the regime’s army last…
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(via Syrian death toll exceeds 5,000 says UN commissioner - video | World news |

Navi Pillay, United Nations high commissioner for human rights, told the security council that her findings suggested crimes against humanity that should be referred to the international criminal court.

The Syrian ambassador to the the UN claimed her findings were misleading and relied upon the testimony of 233 defectors who could not be trusted.

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Special Request for Help from Syria: let the Arab League meet knowing how the world is against the Syrian Regime!

Dear Helpers to the Syrian Revolution,

with Syria going back to the Arab League with what looks like their ‘earthquake’ plan for how the world will go up in flames without them, and Russia announcing it will continue to sell and supply the armaments in its $4.8bn contract with Syria, the situation is very serious. The LCCSy has released full documentation of Syrian Regime crimes until October 15th, since when they have escalated wildly. Please could you share on every wall, to every media, in whatever way you possibly the LCCSy document & Russia’s intentions, to spread the crimes and shame of Syrian Gov and Russia as widely as possible. Let the Arab League meet again knowing that the world is against this regime, its actions and its supporters.  

SYR_HR_Violations_Mar15_Oct15_Final-3.pdf Download this file

Human Rights Violations Committed by the Syrian Regime (English)

Human Rights Violations Committed by the Syrian Regime (Arabic)

Russia’s govt owned arms sales intentions (English)

Tomorrow begins the 9th month of the Syrian Revolution, please let today make a difference.

The Assad Regime is still targeting children. 

On the Armed Opposition to Assadi Forces in #Syria

The opposition protest movement in Syria has always been dedicated to non-violence, including no outside military intervention as well as no sectarianism. Despite everything that the Syrian Regime has done to incite violence and sectarianism, the protestors have been, and still are, steadfast in these principles.

It is true that a small minority have called for arms, even for a no fly zone, but the vast majority respond night after night by taking to the streets in peaceful protest, and will continue to do so. Despite an earlier lack of coordinated leadership, members of the movement have appealed constantly to the United Nations Security Council and Human Rights Commissioner, and even the Secretary General himself for peaceful international response, referring the Regime to the International Criminal Court for clear Crimes against Humanity, trade sanctions to make the Regime military operation unaffordable, and an arms embargo to starve it of weapons. This is still the wish and hope of the opposition movement in Syria.

Throughout, it was clear that the situation would change, in Syria if there was not peaceful international intervention. Assad has constantly escalated his only response to opposition - military, militia and security repression of every aspect of the lives of the protestors, including their right to life, their right to medical treatment, their right to livelihood, while arbitrary arrest, torture, beatings and humiliation are dished out to 10s of thousands daily.

Real pressure on Assad earlier, particulaly from his allies, could have averted an escalation of violence in Syria. The failure of BRICS to fully appreciate the situation, and to fall in line behind the highly experienced Syrian propaganda machine, and the slow and weak response of the Arab League of Nations has opened the door to a situation that deeply saddens, even crushes the heart of every supporter of peaceful change within and outside of Syria.

The Syrian Revolution has changed dramatically over the last few days. Even as the Arab League made its decision on Sunday, it was already surpassed by events in Syria. After months of being hunted down, the soldiers who have defected at the risk, and often at the price of their lives, rather than kill unarmed civilians, have now become very active participants in the Revolution. The Syrian Free Army (SFA) has been carrying out operations in many cities and towns in Syria, almost daily, against the forces of the Regime, for the protection of the people, the oath they swore as they were conscripted to the army. That they held back for so long was a miracle in itself - that they would not and could not bear to keep killing their own families and neighbours is unsurprising.

While completely understanding how this could happen, for those dedicated to peace and freedom, it is a devastating turn of events. The violence the peaceful protestors, their coordinating bodies and latterly the SNC, have sought to avoid is now here. For the peaceful protest movement, there is no way to call for the Syrian Free Army to throw down its weapons and every member be completely annihilated. Finding solutions to the revolution just became a whole lot more difficult - particularly as it is already clear, that despite months of claiming ‘armed gangs’ and ‘terrorists’ in fake attacks, now that there is genuine armed opposition to the Regime, the extent is being minimalised as much as possible by the Syrian Propaganda machine, reporting only those events that suit its own agenda.

That the Syrian Regime’s brutal response to opposition has led to this situation is its greatest failure to date. How the regime will use this turn of events as an excuse for greater regime violence is already clear. As we mourned the loss of 3 sisters killed in Joseyeh yesterday, the Free Army announced a further 30 defections and 40 member of regime gangs killed in Joseyeh. 40 regime forces were killed in Hama, and there have been many operations over the last few days resulting in regime deaths and woundings, and destruction of armaments.

While peaceful protestors continue ther peaceful opposition to the murderous Syrian Regime, each is facing and coming to terms with this new situation - that there is now armed opposition to Assadi forces. It is a place we never wanted to be. For those dedicated to peaceful resistance, every death is sorrow to another family in Syria, and cannot be supported. But neither can the free army be thrown to the Syrian Regime’s wolves. The governments of the world need to respond very quickly and calls for ceasefire to the regime are now critical, with safeguards in place for the Syrian Free Army, and for all who wish to leave an Army called upon to kill its own people. The long overdue sanctions, arms embargo, and referral to the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity are needed now, more than ever. That the Syrian Free Army will be bound by Geneva Conventions is our best hope for their operations, while it is clear that the Syrian Regime has broken each and everyone of those conventions constantly over the last 7 months.

We appeal for calm and peace in all discussions, even as the media will trumpet civil war and sectarian violence, and the Regime will broadcast endless recriminations on other countries in the world against ‘terrorism’ for an armed conflict its own actions made inevitable. We renew our own oaths to peaceful resistance and opposition, assured that the majority of the peaceful resistance movement will be doing the same, in the face of this desperate and sad situation.

It is always important to remember that the vast majority of the Syrian people who obey their government’s edict to only read, listen to and watch the State controlled media, not only have very little idea about what is going on in their country, but have a very false idea of everything that has been going on, not only over the last few months, but for years. Honest reporting will be our continued aim, even as we view the dilemmas of reporting Regime crimes, the deaths of peaceful opposition and Syrian Free Army members, when actions will only be visible to those in the immediate vicinity. We thank the Syrian Free Army for their honest reporting of their actions, even though it brings the weight of the Regime upon them, so that all may understand the truth of the situation in Syria now.

With sadness in our hearts:


English Speakers to Help The Syrian Revolution 

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Nine year old Ibrahim Shayban was shot dead by Syrian security forces on October 14, 2011. 


MORE TANKS VS PEOPLE IN DARAA - Oct 14, 2011 - Daraa: More and more video is coming out of the battle between unarmed (except for the odd rock and camera-phone) protesters and tanks of Bashar Al Assad’s mercenary army.

These brave men are not facing the cowards of Bashar’s Army, they are facing cowards in monstrous russian made tanks. They chant “The Syrian Army are traitors”

Dear Bashar, you will never win. The people are battling you tanks with their bare fists. The only thing one earth that will make them stop is your eventual death and the death of your family and mercenary army.

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One of the best chants that came out in the syrian revolution from Deir Elzour

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Lebanon news - NOW Lebanon -Syrian envoy downplays Lebanese border violation
Syrian Ambassador to Lebanon Ali Abdel Karim Ali said on Thursday that there is “no need to exaggerate” Tuesday’s incident in which Syrian tanks entered Lebanese territory.


THE FOUNTAINS OF DAMASCUS RUN RED: Oct 5th, 2011: Damascus - Protesters in central Damascus dropped red dye into a fountain to symbolize the blood of the lost martyrs of Syria.

Finally we have a news report on Rastan, from Al Jazeera English. #Syria #Rastan