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Hacker/Hacktivist message line from Intercom (that’s us) #emcom

If anyone ever has any trouble… our group put together a few numbers to get msgs out. It’s as secure as it gets. They can be disseminated and retweeted all over. It’s for ‘hacker’ support purposes. It’s from Intercom #emcom -

USA - (206)279-4895 (Online) iNUM - +(883)510001348973 (Online) iNUM - +(883)510001348007 (Online)

Authorities Block Bahrain Number

Over the past months, a loose knit group of activists, has been developing solutions for citizen journalists around the world. We have created a speak2tweet system that would allow anyone anywhere to contact like minded activists and pass on critical information.

We have been quite succesful in this campaign and have managed to hook up a total of 6 phone lines to support global operations. I addition to a message board, the intercom system has a global conference room where citizens of the world can engage in free discourse. Intercom agents are issued custom extensions and can be dialed form any of our inbound numbers. The flexibility of internet telephone technology allows us to respond quickly and provide service to geographically distant areas by working with local voip providers.

By working with a local VOIP provider we were able to get a series of inbound phone numbers in Bahrain. However, after about 2 days of activiely advertising the number, it was shut down by local authorities. Backup lines are still operational and these numbers are available by request only. We have expanded our inbound service to accept skype calls. In order to use this service call the skype username “” . 

You can learn how to help us at

Please join us at #emcom or checkout our website at


  • Inbound phone numbers on every continent and rapid deployment of new numbers in any country that needs immediate assistance.
    • SKYPE:
    • Bahrain - +97316199342 (Shut Down By Bahraini Authorities)
    • USA - (206)279-4895 (Online)
    • USA - (567)2530197 (Online)
    • iNUM - +(883)510001348973 (Online)
    • iNUM - +(883)510001348007 (Online)


RT!! RT!! NEW emergency speak to tweet/message line for #BAHRAIN - +97316199342 #telecomix #Intercom #emcom

NEW emergency speak to tweet/message line for BAHRAIN



It’s vital this number reaches people LIVING IN BAHRAIN!