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#Lattakia: Summary of events, in the area of Latakia on Friday, 19/8/2011. #Latakia #Syria
Union Tenseekiet Syrian Revolution: Coordinating
Committee: Lattakia: Summary of events, in the area of
Latakia on Friday, 19/8/2011:
The attack and abuse carried out by Assad’s shabiha on
Latakia, began six days ago and continues to this moment.
The area has become a living hell, almost empty of its
inhabitants after their displacement by security gangs.
The response of the people has been to raise their
spirits for Friday Signs of Victory.

In the southern district of Raml, which still suffers
from blackouts and all means of communication cut off
including to the rest of the besieged areas for 7 days.

Before the Friday prayer, the security men called over
the loudspeakers that they will allow only those over 55
years old to pray, and in the Mosque of Palestine only,
with a heavy security presence around the mosque.

The Security carried out a campaign of mass arrests in
the morning, in Green Market in the neighborhood of
Southern Raml, and a campaign of raids in Jaffa Lane
There was shooting near the Mosque of Palestine before
the end of Friday prayers, terrorising worshippers.

Because they have sold their conscience, or were born
without a conscience, and because lying and deceit have
replaced love in their veins, they (Shabeeha/military)
are completely without honor and humanity. Like herds
they swarm through districts completing their Cbihh

They passed on from here, and then suddenly
arose, and started a cosmetic cleaning campaign in the
southern district of Raml, especially the Palestinian
refugee camp,

The revamping, includes cleaning the streets, and
removing the remnants of the bombing, and is well
under way. Not only this, but they also planted some
flowers on the side of the road .. Perhaps Gersoha in the
soil of a mass grave, to grow in the soil stained red with the blood of our children

Now, the neighborhood is filled with hundreds of security
agents and Cbihh, especially in the arena in front of the
UNWRA Headquarters of the Palestinian refugees. This,
after cutting off the neighborhood with tens of barriers
to prevent any demonstration and to tighten control over
the neighborhood.

Finally, they will distribute amount of five thousand
Syrian pounds ($100) for every Palestinian family holding
ID for the refugee camp in Latakia. Compensation for
their displacement,for the demolition of their homes, and
the arrest of their parents, and their dead children.

What an insult to the Palestinians this generosity and
this blessing … Hundred dollars for the whole family

… And wonder what they will do this amount .. !! They
live in the streets, parks, and on the ground, have lost
their father and brother and sons! It is not sufficient
to meet a quarter of the bill in a restaurant dinner for
Rami Makhlouf.

Likewise, the martyrs, the Syrians, What compensates them for the murder of their children; only to see Bashar and his family and his associates, and his gang, and Shabiha,and his supporters, paying for every drop of blood and behind bars.

Since we are in Ramadan, and since the Syrian drama
became the first undisputed in the Arab world, relay the
crimes ofthe despicable leader in the neighborhood of
Gharraf, where security called via loud speakers for the
people who were inside their homes to put a white cloth
on the doors of houses. Everyone knows this symbol, the
white flag of surrender. Security is preparing to play
act for TV, the surrender of the insurgents, the claimed
'armed gangs and terrorists' by innocent people.

A new move was to dress Cbihh security and police
uniforms, gray and white and they were deployed in the
streets of Sheikh Dahir instead of the army, which was
spreading in the arena.

The Army mans checkpoints at new barriers within the
district Alskntore, and the Balaatqlat barriers.In the neighborhood of the people’s swimming pool and
Almsmkh clinic, security have turned them into a military
barracks. The army has set up and reinforced roadblocks
in the Raml district to tighten control.

Security forces arrested Naser (?facilitate) a pharmacist
accused of giving drugs to the wounded, and the arrest of
he lawyer Mustafa Zidane Zidane, I’m a lawyer friend.

After Friday prayers, and despite the blockade suffered
by the city and the mosques, especially the worshippers
in the Afattahi mosque came out in demonstration and
Cbihh herds dispersed them quickly.

They gathered about 15 cars and drafted in security to
Saliba-Hussein Mosque, near the exit to prevent any
further demonstrations, knowing that a rally went out
yesterday from the same mosque.

In the neighborhood of the Castle came out a
demonstration from the University of Moroccan despite the
massacres, oppression and abuse that has occurred in
Lattakia, and even raised a banner expressing resolve
that does not soften, and wrote that “Latakia will not
kneel” and chanted to bring down the system and
Come on Allah only God.

The Cbihh and security men besieged Bazaar Mosque and
imprisoned the worshippers inside the mosque to prevent
them from demonstrating, when they came out. Six young
people from the Bazaar Mosque were arrested by the
military police, who had (expletive) surrounded the
mosque. In the afternoon Al Chbih in their new look
uniforms, private cars and their weapons were chasing the
demonstrators. They pursued the protesters who came out
of the Bazaar Mosque, and shot at them, and to Ahakohm to market traders.


Saliba came out in a demonstration of the collector.
Saliba with the end of the Taraweeh, and acclaimed Raml
and called for the execution of the President.

A demonstration was launched in the Taabiyat district,
with the people chanting that they want to overthrow the
regime. Another demonstration went out from the
Al-Hussein Mosque, Saliba calling for the execution of
the president only. Faqamt CHbihh, four cars, attacked
the demonstration with weapons, and broke it up.

Heavy gunfire was heard on a street in the neighborhood
of Maysaloun castle.

Before dawn, sounds of shooting in Saliba, and an
explosion on March 8th Street.
Original Arabic report at

ICC may seek to arrest Assad over violent crackdown | #Assad #ICC #Syria

Nick Harvey, Britain’s armed forces minister, said it was “highly likely” that the International Criminal Court would seek the arrest of Bashar al-Assad, Syria’s president, over his role in the violent crackdown on protesters.

Mr Harvey’s comments came after the ICC announced it would be seeking the arrest of Muammer Gaddafi, the Libyan leader, along with his son and intelligence chief, accusing them of crimes against humanity.

Britain has so far not called for Mr Assad to step down, but has demanded his regime halt its violence.

The minister’s comments came as Syrian activists reported the discovery of a mass grave outside the town of Dera’a, which has been the focus of an intense military crackdown.

Video footage was circulated on YouTube on Monday apparently showing several corpses unearthed from the ground near the town. According to Radwan Ziadeh, a human rights advocate and scholar at the George Washington University in the US, the footage was taken on Monday morning near Dera’a. He said many other bodies were buried in the same site, including five members of the same family.

The army sent tanks into Dera’a on April 25, and communications with the town have since been cut off for most of the time.

It is not possible to independently verify the authenticity of the footage, but persistent reports have surfaced from Dera’a of a high level of killing and of bodies being taken away by security services.

Syrian tanks were reported to have entered an area near the Lebanese border on Monday. Twelve people have been killed by the army in the border town of Tel Khalakh, say activists.

Syrian media said armed groups in the area killed five soldiers.

Syria has been rocked by 2 months of unprecedented popular protests against corruption, the security services, and, increasingly, the regime itself. The government initially offered concessions, dismissed by most analysts as cosmetic, and then pursued a strategy of overwhelming force, killing over 700 and arresting thousands.

After the crackdown failed to stop protests, however, the regime now appears to be hoping to pursue a negotiated solution, announcing on Friday that it would hold a “national dialogue.”

The White House accused the Syria on Monday of inciting deadly border clashes between Israeli troops and Palestinian demonstrators, saying Damascus was trying to distract attention from its own violent crackdown on protests.

White House spokesman Jay Carney expressed regret for the loss of life in confrontations on Israel’s frontiers with Syria, Lebanon and Gaza on Sunday but said the Jewish state “has the right to prevent unauthorised crossing at its borders”.

“We urge maximum restraint on all sides,” Carney told reporters on Air Force One as Barack Obama, the US president, flew to Tennessee. FT

What great threat did this little girl pose to the Syrian regime? #Latakia #SyriaBleeds

This video was uploaded to YouTube on 16th August 2011

LATTAKIA_MASSACRE_148_اللاذقية_-_الطفلة_علا_جبلاوي.mp4 Watch on Posterous

Google translation of the decription from the YouTube video:

Scores were killed and injured due to heavy shelling for a third day in a row for port city of Latakia and refugee camp, who stormed the Syrian security forces, which led to the movement of displacement and wide of it. 

The sources of the island that Syrian troops and militias loyal to the regime (Cbihh) continue bombing of Latakia and the army besieging thousands inside Sports City in it. "The Union Tenseekiet Syrian Revolution" forces lion killed six people Monday, bringing to 34 civilians, at least the total death toll in three days of the attack, sea and land to Latakia. He also said that Syrian troops have killed 12 people in Homs, which saw operations storming and arrest campaigns on a large scale. also killed another civilian in Deir Al-Zour, which saw mass arrests and raids in neighborhoods Alajabilh and Busraya and numerous arrests among the citizens with the raids of houses. The activists and witnesses that the Syrian forces and sought Monday the scope of targeted residential areas in Latakia. They said the tanks targeted sand south, and Guenins, and Saliba, and Snctora, shells and heavy machine guns. The Latakia latest city Ikthmha army after Hama and Deir al-Zour and a number of cities in the province of Idleb adjacent to Turkey, and the other on the border with Lebanon. As in other cities attacked Syrian troops, residents said tanks and armored vehicles deployed around the living and the cut off basic services by the raids, arrests and strikes. shelling Syrian army long camp in the sand for Palestinian refugees in Lattakia (Al Jazeera)Palestinians displaced from the other hand, the bombing of army tanks hot Jaffa camp sand south of the Palestinian refugees, then stormed in the midst of a mass exodus of families. A spokesman for the UN agency said that between five and ten thousand have fled from the camp and “Do not know where these people,” and added that some of them escaped from the fire and the other on the orders of the Syrian authorities. He pointed out that There are a small number of cases of confirmed deaths and nearly 20 injured. Following the storming of the camp called Nabil Abu Rdainah, a spokesman for the Palestinian presidency of the Syrian leadership to take measures to prevent prejudice to the lives of the Palestinian refugee camp in the sand in Lattakia.It quoted him as saying: “Our policy is not to interfere in the internal affairs of Arab countries and the future of the systems is in the hands of their people. “For his part, condemned the Secretary of the Palestine Liberation Organization, Yasser Abed Rabbo, “strongly” to storm the Syrian forces camp in the sand, and shelling and the “displacement of the population,” and described as being “crime against humanity.” Nor did the military operations without the continuation of the protests, it emerged last night of demonstrations against the regime after the Taraweeh prayers, where the activists said that security forces killed at least 12 people dispersed demonstrations in several areas in Homs. in the context reported coordinating committees that the Syrian forces fired randomly neighborhood of vegetables in Homs, also saw the neighborhood of Mezze in the heart of the capital, Damascus demonstration evening. in the city of Hama, said the Union Altenseekiet fall wounded after shooting at houses in the area Kvrenbaudh the city, and demonstrations in several districts of Hama and security intervened to disperse them. Hamah Homs shield Deir ez-Zor Damascus Aleppo, Latakia, Baniyas sand stuck Idlib Kameshli

Syria Live Blog | More attacks on Idleb

Germany has called for more European Union sanctions against Syria and urged the UN Security Council to discuss the government crackdown there again this week.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Andreas Peschke said reports of the bombardment of Latakia by tanks and navy gunboats gave a new reason to send a stronger message and increase EU sanctions.

"This current use of violence cannot be justified morally or under international law in any way," he said. "We are advocating for the UN Security Council to address the Syria issue again this week." 

Nisreen El-Shamayleh, reporting from the Jordanian side of the Jordan-Syria border, has received reports that Syrian troops have opened fire in idlib province on people trying to flee into Turkey. The driver of a car and a pregnant woman were reportedly killed.

Syrian state news agency SANA quotes a military source denying reports that navy ships have shelled al-Ramel in Latakia.

The source ssaid the navy is carrying out its normal duties in protecting the Syrian coast and  preventing weapons smuggling.

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URGENT: “thousands” arrested in #Latakia, stripped of IDs & herded into stadium (aje) #telecomix #emcom #syria

Sources tell Al Jazeera: Thousands evacuated their homes in Latakia based on the instructions of the army earlier today. They fled from the besieged neighbourhoods to the heart of the city. They were arrested there and taken in buses to the sports city stadium. They were stripped of their IDs and are held in the stadium until now. - Syria’s Youth Revolutionaries - وثائقي شباب الثورة السورية - مترجم - #Syria #SyriaBleeds

With the deepest sorrow, we regret to tell you that activist, Diaa Daghmas, the second interviewee in this remarkable documentary has been killed by the Assad gangs. (Shabeeha). On his behalf, we ask that you widely share and distribute this inside story of the Syrian Revolution.

Syria fails to suppress forest fire at Turkish border #Syria #Turkey #SyriaBleeds #emcom
Syrian firefighting teams have made no effort to control a forest fire that broke out on the Turkish-Syrian border late on Thursday, the Cihan news agency reported.  

The fire, which started on the Syrian side of the border, has begun to spread due to increasing wind speed. The blaze has not yet arrived on the Turkish side, but the Turkish villages of Güveçci and Belengöz in Hatay are directly in its path.

Cihan reported that Syrian soldiers are observing the fire from a watchtower but that no Syrian firefighters have arrived to extinguish it. Turkish firefighting units are positioned at the border with a large amount of equipment to help prevent the blaze from reaching the Turkish side. Syrian officials have not yet requested assistance from Turkey, although Turkish officials stated that they are ready to help to put the fire out across the border.

Turkey and Syria have long had a protocol stating that both countries have to work together in the event of forest fires occurring at the border. However, the protocol was not renewed this year due to the ongoing conflict in Syria.

It is thought that there are at least 1000 refugees hiding in those forests and hills including many families.

The latest update from The Local Coordination Committees of Syria

Numbers of martyrs reached 13 up till now in Syria
Douma 5 including a 16 years old and a woman
2 Aleppo
1 Saqba
1 DeirEzzour
1 Homs
1 Hama
2 Idlib

shooting on demonstrations started from many mosques and are heading to the street of Othman Horany school

A massive demonstration now in Midan in Qa’a area

a massive demonstration marched form Taqwa mosque chanting to topple the regime

Damascus suburbs
A massive demonstration in the city after the funeral of martyr Abdullah Hammod with about 10,000 participants

A demonstration went out from Jisr mosque in spide of the heavy security and military deployment, detentions among demonstrators

heavy randomly shooting fire at different regions to fear the people and prevent them from demonstrating with cutting electricuty from many neighborhoods and a campaign of raids

a demonstration set out from Al Arnous mosque met with another one from Al Farouq mosque and the numbers about 1500 demonstrators

a demonstration set out from Al Omari mosque chanting for toppling the regime and the freedom for the detainees

shooting fire and teargas grenades to disperse a mass demonstration in the city

Falling of 2 martyrs: Bassam Tokhi and Khaled Sleek during the heavy shooting at demonstrators

A demonstration went out while ago and demonstrations from nearby Qalamoon villages joined it

heavy shooting fire at the demonstrators in the Intaj stop

about 200 people are demonstrating from Moaz bin Jbal mosque chanting for toppling the regime

Mass wave of arrests, and the child Ayman Osama, 8 years old, has been kidnapped as a hostage for pressuring his father

security breakes into Mosa Ben Naseer mosque in Qosour eighborhood, heavy shooting and beating the worshipers

Kherbet Ghazaleh: Massive demonstrations in villages of Kherbet Ghazaleh, Kateebeh and Namer gathered in Kherbet Ghazaleh and chanting for the besieged cities

about 5000 people are demonstrating in Al Sad road chanting for toppling the regime and in solidarity with the besieged cities

Ibtaa: A massive demonstration went out after Friday prayer from Saad bin Musayyeb mosque chanting for the besieged cities and to topple the regime

demonstration from Dafeel village in Haffa chants for toppling of the regime, there is a heavy security spread in the village

Heavy security presence near mosques: Ghareeb in Slaibe, Abiddardaa in Tabiat and Bazar in Ugarite square to prevent any demonstration, some people were detained near Bazar mosque

a demonstration about 10000 people in Raml chanting for the besieged cities and one from the chants:”We are not kneeling but to God

A demonstration went out from Abdulrahman mosque in Tabiat despite the security presence

heavy spread of security in all the demonstrations’ regions in anticipation of the exit of any one where the security besiege Slaibeh, Al Shek Daher and Antakia street with the presence of many officers in addition to the inspection of all the identities of the passers

Detention of a worshiper and beating him while he was going out of Bazar mosque, several patrols were deployed allover the city.Cars are inspected and IDs of passengers in Shekh Daher square in the city center are inspected

a mass demonstration in Kneines chanting for toppling the regime, despite of the presence of Forces of Keeping Orders in addition to the army’s barricades that centered in the region

a demonstration in Sakhour was dispersed by gunfire

2 martyrs in Sakhour due to shooting at demonstrators

A massive demonstration took place after Friday prayer in al-Zaydiyeh. Another one took off from al-Kabir mosque in Jarablos, hundreds have participated. It was forcefully dispersed by the security forces who arrested many participants

Closing Shakhour neighborhood by security forces, the gunfire continued heavily with arresting & raiding campaign

Deir Ezzor
a campagin of random raids in the street contained hunderds including children

the security force are assaulting Hroubal mosque and shooting directly in an aggressive presence for security and army vehicles

Osama Mura’ai Basha’an, 33 years old, was martyred by a bullet in the waist by live gunfire from security personnel

20,000 demonstrators in Der Balba chanting to topple the regime

Shooting to disperse a demonstration in Karm Shami neighborhood

security siege Bayda square after there was a demonstration in the area

See the collection of videos at
Syria Protest Map for Friday 12/08/2011 #SyriaBleeds

View Larger Map

Syrian Uprising 2011 Information Centre
Summary (12/8/2011): At least 20 martyrs fell in the Friday of “we won’t kneel.” There were protests all over Syria and in most cities and towns they were both during the day and night. While Clinton called for a boycott of Syrian oil, Syrian activists have started a campaign of eradicating “Assad” from the names of public landmarks. See the map for more info.

UN Council to hold new Syria meeting
August 13, 2011 - 11:19AM —>


The UN Security Council will discuss human rights and a growing humanitarian emergency in Syria at a special meeting, diplomats announced as tens of thousands of protesters shouted for President Bashar Assad’s execution and more protesters were killed.

UN Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillay and UN under secretary for humanitarian affairs, Valerie Amos, will brief the August 18 meeting, the French UN mission said in a Twitter statement.

France and other European countries on the 15 member council asked for the new meeting as part of efforts to maintain pressure for international action against President Bashar al-Assad.

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The Security Council condemned the violence in Syria on August 3 and was given a briefing on Wednesday on events since.

A top UN official told the council that Assad had pursued his deadly crackdown on opposition protests in defiance of Security Council calls for an immediate end to violence.

Meanwhile, tens of thousands of Syrian protesters shouted for President Bashar Assad’s death on Friday in a dramatic escalation of their rage and frustration, defying bullets and rooftop snipers after more than a week of intensified military assaults on rebellious cities, activists and witnesses said.

Security forces killed at least 14 protesters, according to human rights groups.

The calls for Assad’s execution were a stark sign of how much the protest movement has changed since it erupted in March seeking minor reforms but making no calls for regime change.

The protests grew dramatically over the five months that followed, driven in part by anger over the government’s bloody crackdown in which rights groups say at least 1,700 civilians have been killed.

But with the regime shrugging off even the most blistering condemnation, the uprising has become a test of endurance as both sides draw on a deep well of energy and conviction. US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on Friday urged countries to stop buying Syrian oil and gas or selling the regime weapons, saying those who still do so must “get on the right side of history.”

In cities around Syria, protesters chanted, “The people want to execute the president!” during the now-familiar cycle of weekly demonstrations followed by a swift crackdown by the military, security forces and pro-government gunmen who operate on the regime’s behalf.

Security forces broke up protests quickly around the capital Damascus, in the central city of Homs and elsewhere, firing bullets and tear gas. Some areas saw only limited demonstrations because soldiers were deployed heavily in restive areas.

In a significant show of defiance, some of the largest protests on Friday were on the outskirts of the central city of Hama and in the eastern city of Deir el-Zour, where government forces seized control in major military offensives during the past week. The fact that protesters still turned out was a signal that Assad’s forces cannot terrify protesters into staying home.

However, within Hama, protesters struggled to turn out in great numbers after soldiers clamped down heavily in the streets, witnesses said. Snipers were stationed on rooftops, and troops surrounded mosques and set up checkpoints to head off any marches.

"There are security checkpoints every 200 metres, they have lists and they’re searching people … the mosques are surrounded by soldiers," a Hama-based activist told The Associated Press by telephone, speaking on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals.

Dozens of soldiers deployed in Hama’s Assi Square, which had been the main converging point for hundreds of thousands of protesters in previous weeks, the activist said.

In the central city of Homs, more than a 1,000 soldiers, security agents and plainclothes policemen were deployed in the city’s main square.

© 2011 AFP

Heeding the lessons of 2005′s Arab Spring | Humanitarian News
recent developments across the region ‘may offer one last chance to liberate the Lebanese people. The Syrian regime might crumble and, with it, Iranian influence. If so, that moment should not be missed.’

19.30 BST news round up

DEIR EZZOR: the bombing with heavy weapons and 14mm machine guns and the burning of shops, including a number of activists

HOMS:BAB AMR: Many injured from security bullets, Shabeeha burning the shops

HOMS: Homs: Deir Ba’aloba: large explosion shakes neighborhood, heavy machine gun fre
HOMS: reports of injuries caused by security forces firing in the produce market in Bab Amr neighborhood. sounds of high caliper machine gun fire in the neighborhood & in al-Sultaniya area

ALEPPO: Bab Alnerb: security forces dispersed demo with live ammunition this morning

LATTAKIA: Al-Haffa:Ammar Kaddour, 30,was shot dead today n front of his family members while he was being arrested HOMS: QUSEER: Cbihh withdraw the army after 11 killed, dozens injured and missing, and left behind slogans of the deification of Bashar Aaljdran.(There is no God but Bashar.) And they are threatening to return if the people to demonstrate.

DEIR EZZOR: the army bombarded Badr el Dein school with several residental buildings near by in addition to Al Nour hospital, the army with its tanks still occupies the city

DEIR EZZOR: more than 1000 ppl were detained since Alassad invaded the city.

Zain Syr completes his round up of the news with dear World, what would u call this but MASSACRE! some r calling it REFORMS!


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