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Riot cops provoking a clash with protesters on Wall St #NewYork #takewallstreet

via a trusted source on Facebook: 
A friend from NYC, WallStreet just got a hold of me. He told me the riot police are ready and waiting in NYC right now. They’re trying to AGITATE protesters to get the gathering to become out of control to start arresting people to clear them out!! MAINSTREAM MEDIA IS BLACKING OUT THIS ENTIRE EVENT. no one knows about it who relies solely on TV media. they have disabled peoples’ phones from facebook and twitter. SPREAD THE WORD FOR THEM NOW!

#takewallstreet livestream


These photos are why I can’t sleep #ALLsept17 is too important. #takethesquare #takewallstreet

1)   (barcelona)  @AcampadaLH l’han coronat i tot!! Castells a la Borsa de Barcelona! #17S #tomalabolsa has topped even! Castles in the Barcelona Stock Exchange!

2) Castells i gralles de fons a la Borsa de Barcelona :))) #17S #tomalabolsa Castles and parsnips in bottom of the Barcelona Stock Exchange.. (parsnips?) maybe google translate isn’t getting the spanish on that..

3)  #AgoraParís #sep17 #marchabruselas ces personnes qui nous font sourire! (people who make us smile Paris) @Acampadaparis

4)  (killthepoor) @AyeshaKazmi (NYC)

5)  (cops around bull) @julpepitone (no pics with the bull today…) (NYC)

6)   (Dissent is patriotic) @AACina (NYC)

7)  (Theydontgiveafuck) @AACina (NYC)

8)  (cantstopusnow) @AACina (NYC)